Electrical industry: how to safely “deal” with the medium and high voltage

The graph for the production and distribution of electricity has been growing for years, not only in the traditional power plant and distribution systems, but also in the range of renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and heat pump technology. Due to the high voltage resp. current, the electrical industry needs a “vacuum” for these systems to manufacture insulating and insulating components, e.g. for a dielectric without bubbles. Among other things, this guarantees resistance to partial discharge during the operation of bushings, isolators, transformers and electrical panels, thus ensuring a safe power supply for the end user.

For this market segment, BRIZIO BASI has been supplying equipment technology for maximum quality for over 100 years, regardless of whether it concerns lubricated or isolated components. The technological scope of the services offered by BRIZIO BASI ranges from the production of a simple 10 kV isolator up to the highest voltage and power class power transformers (1,200 kV, 1,000 MVA)


Brizio Basi is Ducati Official Supplier for automotive technologies and for electric motors evolution.


Among our customers there is the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva.

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Our technologies for the Electric sector

Oil treatment plants

New DOV GREENLINE vegetal oil treatment and purifier system for electric transformers.

The DOV “GREENLINE” series has been created to treat the new vegetable dielectric oils, which compared to those minerals have a high density / viscosity, a high moisture content and a greater aptitude to incorporate it at room temperature and to combine with it.

The “GREENLINE” DOVs are optimized for the treatment of vegetable oils, which for a good treatment require special precautions, differ from the standard DOV for:

  • Addition of the oil supply pump
  • Addition of the Roots pump
  • Vacuum pumps with greater capacity
  • Powered electric heaters
  • Increased filtration system
  • Refrigerator condenser
  • Cartridges from 2µ to 20µ, standard 5µ.

Sizes: 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 10.000, 12.000 l/hour,
others available on request.

Oil treatment plants with fuller’s earth

The oil obtained can then be added and / or blended (mixed) for specific applications.

Oil recovery and recycling is a common operational practice in several countries. In order to meet this requirement from a regulatory point of view, the IEC has formalized the IEC 62701 standard, canceled in February 2015 and subsequently taken into consideration (January 2016) in terms of merger with the 60296 ed. 4 by decision of the IEC SMB (standardization management board). According to these guidelines, new mineral-based insulating oils will not only be those classified as “virgin” but also “recycled” ones.

In this scenario, the management of the life cycle of oils with different characteristics creates much more complex situations (eg: in the formalization phases of the requirements for the purchase and acceptance of supplies).

In order to prevent catastrophic failures related to particular criticality of electrical equipment with insulating fluids, Brizio Basi has developed the OILVision analysis and diagnosis service.

In fact, similarly to what happens in clinical diagnostics, it is possible to monitor the health of the transformers through the analysis of an oil sample present inside them and the subsequent diagnosis.

In the presence of corrosive oils Brizio Basi realizes selective Depolarization from corrosive sulfur.

Our solution is effective, economical and definitive because it eliminates the cause of the problem, this means removing from the oil both the DBDS and the other corrosive sulfur compounds (DBDS <10 mg / Kg). At the same time, the Depolarisation by Brizio Basi restores the functional properties of the oil in accordance with the IEC 60422 Ed. 4-2013, CIGRE 378 – 2009 art. 4.2.

The selective Depolarization employs:

  • treatment plants made internally called DMU (Decontamination Modular Unit),
  • patented reagents without which the treatment would not have the same efficacy
  • a unique operating method since it is carried out on site and in a closed circuit, this means that the transformer is not even partially emptied
  • adequate safety procedures also for the “On-Load” mode, this means that the transformer can be kept in service and under load for the entire duration of the treatment.
  • highly qualified operating personnel

Operating modes

The extraordinary results of the Brizio Basi interventions are the product of the experience gained since 1960, the use of modular decontamination units, designed and built internally, and the formulation of specific reagents used based on the different operational scenarios.

Our DOV machines are connected to the transformer with flexible pipes, after which the decontamination processes are started: the insulating fluid circulates through where it is heated, degassed, dehumidified, filtered, depolarized and then returned to the transformer, which is never emptied, even partially.

The continuous circulation of the insulating liquid creates a constant flow of the fluid in the transformer that favors the elimination of the deposits on the cartogens and in the case.

The activities are carried out safely thanks:

  • at low process temperatures,
  • to the use of patented reagents that do not cause danger of explosion or fire,
  • to the use of special pipes (hoses control) able to interrupt the process in case of accidental leaks and also thanks
  • to a software control system capable of checking instant by instant that the process takes place safely and under guarantee of quality, 24 hours a day even without the presence of an operator thanks to the GSM systems with which our machines are equipped

The interventions are carried out with the On-Load option keeping the transformer in service, live and under load ie without any loss of production (international experiences also in nuclear power plants and on transformers of any power and voltage).

Autoclaves and vacuum pressure systems

For this technology Brizio Basi is the world leader in the construction of PED autoclaves and systems for drying and treating resins of all kinds, oils, waxes and all types of impregnating agents in general.

Brizio Basi plants use control systems and software that can guarantee a control of the impregnation degree also by automatically measuring the electrical capacity of the treated pieces.

All software produced by Brizio Basi are based on Siemens and can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world.

Drying furnaces

In this case the technology uses vacuum and temperature or temperature at atmospheric pressure, the plants that Brizio Basi produces can be: atmospheric furnaces electrically powered or with preheated diathermic oil or methane gas, or vacuum ovens that use the same energy sources.

High vacuum pumping groups

Brizio Basi high pressure pumping units meet these requirements and meet practical requirements, while ensuring a high vacuum of up to 10-6 mbar. These pumping units consist of a Roots pump or an air-cooled diffusion pump, a two-stage vane pump as a back-up pump and all the connecting parts, including the high vacuum valve, the ventilation valve and a by-pass line. The pumping unit with provides a higher pumping speed during the pump descent phase and is also equipped with a FO oil shock filter.

A condensed operating diagram clearly visible on the housing guides the use and helps prevent operating errors. The first stage pump can only be activated if the rotary vane pump is in operation. All valves and switches are operated from the front. The systems can also be equipped with computers for complete management and interfacing of the group.