Aso for 2024 Brizio Basi has been confirmed Ducati Official Supplier.


Brizio Basi is rewarded by Assolombarda as one of the companies that have achieved important historical milestones, for the 78th years of association in Assolombarda, the most important association within the entire Italian Confindustria System.
During the event Brizio Basi was also celebrated and presented by Massimo Fioravanti for the 100 years of activity accomplished in 2022.


Brizio Basi has implemented for NIDEC-ASI site in Monfalcone (Italy) one of the biggest ever made in Europe impregnation plant for electric motors, with a 5 meters internal usable diameter for a 6 meters effective depth.


Brizio Basi has been confirmed Ducati Official Supplier also for the 2023.


Brizio Basi in its centenary year of activity has been confirmed Ducati Official Supplier and has contribuited to the devepolment of braking systems technology and engine cooling that has helped Ducati to win 6 word championship titles in the same year.


Brizio Basi has achieved the Imprendigreen Sustainability Certification, obtaining the highest score in terms of rating, by Confcommercio (Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professions and Self-Employment, the largest business association in Italy).


Brizio Basi build in Italy with Prysmian Powerlink and Terna Rete Italia the revamping of the submarine power line “Elba-Continente”.


Brizio Basi is engaged in the design of machines for anti-Covid19 vaccine’s production.


90 years of activity in vacuum pumps production.


Brizio Basi is qualified by the aircraft division of Leonardo (Finmeccanica Group) an important order is assigned for the EuroFighter project.


The DOV series is further innovated by introducing in its layout an Oxygen sensor and 4 other dissolved gases in addition to the humidity PPM. With this system Brizio Basi intends to increase the analysis capacity of the machine during oil treatment.


Brizio Basi further innovates its flagship product for the DOV series by producing a completely automated system compliant with the fully automated Industry 4.0 standard and able to estimate the duration of a transformer treatment cycle by simply analyzing the oil with the sensors onboard.


Brizio Basi studies a new power line with Prysmian Powerlink, this time along 31 km in the sea south of China, between the mainland and the island of Hainan, this project will end in 2019.


Brizio Basi in 2015 also began a partnership with Brembo in the automotive sector that will lead to the production of various vacuum and charging lines for braking circuits in the United States and India.


At the end of 2015, Brizio Basi accepts a large order for the supply of transformer oil treatment plants for Libya, the peculiarity of these machines is the power combined with the simplicity in their use, combined with the construction completely with easy to find components on the international market.


Brizio Basi is awarded by Assolombarda for the 70 years of association (1945-2015). Assolombarda, in terms of size and representativeness, is the most important association within the entire Italian Confindustria System.


Brizio Basi installed at the Swiss Railways one of the most advanced VPI impregnation systems for electric motors with epoxy and silicone resins and a vacuum oven for drying with the Vapor Phase principle and at the same time it can perform the filling of vacuum finished machines. These systems, together with a renewed computerized drying oven, are completely inserted in the plant network anticipating the concepts of “Industry 4.0”.


A series of “Green Line” treatment plants was created at the request of the market for dielectric vegetable ester oil. This model expressly designed for efficient processing even ONLINE with the transformer in operation.


Brizio Basi also renews the production of systems for vacuuming and charging SF56 insulating gas in medium voltage circuit-breakers by implementing a mass spectrometer capable of managing the cycle online and automatically.


Marelli Motori commissioned a new innovation of the stator capacity control system during impregnation, the system also implements a set point for each motor to establish the end of the impregnation automatically.


A special plant for impregnating with n. 10 alternators individually and at the same time completely computerized.


Also in 2011, Brizio Basi is granted a license for the construction of military weapons, the same will be requested by Selex (Finmeccanica) following important contracts in the aerospace sector.


Brizio Basi invented a special brake fluid charging system with a system called “anti-drip”, soon to be distributed in all production plants.


Between 2009 and 2010, Brizio Basi started the Messina 2 project, a submarine power line over 40 km long linking the Italian continent to Sicily, with Prysmian Powerlink. the longest alternating current in the world.


Since 2009, for the Motomotive sector Brizio Basi has developed the first vacuum and charging systems with an interface on ABS aggregates.


After 2008 Brizio Basi implements a technological innovation in the field of treatment of dielectric oils by building the first machine equipped with a computer capable of managing the treatment of the transformer completely automatically.


2008 was an exceptional year and Brizio Basi also produces over 20 transformer oil treatment plants for ABB, Getra, Tamini but also Iran Trasfo, Ansaldo Energia etc.


One of the most modern and important engine impregnation plants for high-speed engines in the railway sector was built for Ansaldo Breda (now Hitachi Rail), a completely automated plant with an important technological innovation, namely impregnation control through online measurement of motor stator capacity.


Brizio Basi created the largest and most modern vacuum drying and filling plant for distribution transformers for Getra.


The company moved to via Rucellai 23 in Milan


Important orders were acquired with Selex Avionica


With Fiar (Selex Galileo) the first Liquid cooling unit was developed, a system to support the components of modern radar for the military sector.


Eng. Adriano Basi remains the sole director of the company.

Late '90s-2000s

The collaboration with Finmeccanica (today Leonardo) begins in the late 90s and 2000s entering into aerospace systems projects.


One of the most important engine impregnation plants, still in operation today, was built in Foligno at the State Railways Workshops.


Years from 1980 to 2000 were the period of greatest development in all sectors from the pharmaceutical to the industry, Brizio Basi came to hire over 100 people including technicians and engineers.

The '80s

During the 1980s the ferment and development was very strong in the Automotive sector as Brizio Basi was one of the few Players in the sector with experience, innovation and industrialization.


At the Monfalcone plant the largest impregnation plant for electric motors for the naval sector in Italy is installed.


Ugo Cignolini joins the company. At the end of 2023, after 43 years in Brizio Basi, he will retire.


Since 1980, Brizio Basi has begun collaboration with the Piaggio group in the motorcycle and scooter sector with the advent of hydraulic braking and liquid-cooled engines.


The levers of power passed by Ing. Brizio Luigi Basi to his son Adriano and his daughter Vincenzina.


Ever since 1970, Brizio Basi starts with Fiat Auto to develop and industrialize systems for charging fluids and vacuum gases in cars, agricultural vehicles and earthmoving equipment.


Since 1970, Brizio Basi has started a collaboration with ENEL for the design and construction of vacuum treatment plants for insulating oils essential for the production of Transformers, Switches, Joints, etc.

The '60s

In the late 1960s, Brizio Basi developed a vacuum motor impregnation plant with insulating resins for Ercole Marelli.


Eng. Brizio Basi, founder of the company and already President of AIV- Italian Association of vacuum physics, cooperates with the national Nuclear Energy commitee.


At Fiera di Milano exhibition, Brizio Basi presents its solutions for lyophilization plants, metallization plants, impregnation plants and high vacuum. In the picture, taken from Fiera Milano historical archive, the company founder Ing.Brizio Luigi Basi.


Brizio Basi, driven by the requests of some important Italian pharmaceutical companies, began the development of vacuum lyophilization systems.


Brizio Basi was a forerunner in lyophilization, as reported in this Scientific Magazine dating back to 1956


Between 1952 and 1954 Brizio Basi set up in the physics experience classroom of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan some of the products subject to technological innovation in the sector.


Over the years, Brizio Basi has established itself as a leader in the field of gas and fluid dynamics: this document depicts a calibrated hole in 1946 according to Brizio Basi.


Brizio Basi is one of the first companies to join Assolombarda the largest territorial association of companies and subsequently in Confindustria, Brizio Basi is awarded in 2014 for 70 years of loyalty, this year it is 75 years.


Brizio Basi, during its over 100 years of activity, has been involved in important historical events, such as the bombing during the World War II.


In 1944 an air raid destroyed part of Brizio Basi factory in Viale Monza 200, causing the death of three employess and of the father of the owner. The company will soon be able to recover restoring its productivity.


On June 27, 1942, the Precision Mechanical Workshop was founded. Brizio Basi & C Sas the main activity was the construction of vacuum pumps and pressure measuring instruments.


Brizio Basi attends at the XV° Fiera Campionaria in Milan (exhibition trade), at Palazzo della Meccanica, at the 4015 stand. The exhibition is the opportunity to present to the several visitors the vacuum pumps and compressors produced by Brizio Basi. Here is the 1937 historical catalogue…


Umberto II, Prince of Savoy, inagurates the North AEM Receiver, power plant built with Brizio Basi plants. The Receiver, nowadays belonging to Unareti, is still performing, providing energy to a large part of Milan metropolitan area.


Purchasing of industrial machines on 12.06.1930 by Lorenzetti Augusto and partners at Eng. Brizio Luigi Basi with machinery deed of assignment released by Cav. Domenico Musci royal notary and doctor of law.


Year of the beginning of new factory construction on the 10 of January 1928 by Eng. Brizio Luigi Basi – class of 1900 – and his family. Between 1928 and 1937 a shed of about 1800 square meters was built in Viale Monza 200 in Milan where the engineer Brizio Luigi Basi develops his business in the vacuum sector.


Brizio Basi history began on 26/05/1922 with the acquisition of the first part of the land in viale Monza 198, by Moretti Amalia Maria titled Maria in BASI, born in Linate on 11.03.1900 and wife of the founder Eng. Brizio Luigi Basi, with deed by Gorla – Precotto- Istromento municipality by Dr. Giuseppo Toja in Milan on 26/05/1922 n.7541-3433 of rep. – registered in Milano on 18.04.1922 at n. 10577 order register  n. 8519 particular register.