Brizio Basi has implemented on his plants a complete remote control, with effective actions to manage or adjust the machines remotely.

The remote control can be activated on all our machines and technologies.
It is a real remote control, not a mere remote assistance platform: the operator, through a Wi-Fi remote control system, can monitor and work on the machine, with recovery or correction actions, for a full remote management.

Compared to remote assistance platforms, our remote control offers greater security at cyber security level and higher speed through the use of specific protocols.

In addition to these advantages, our remote control system offers further benefits:

  • Increased operative efficiency: with remote control, operators can promptly and immediately intervene in the machines, reducing machine downtime and enhancing overall process efficiency.
  • Resource optimization: remote control allows for the optimization of human resources, as a single operator can manage multiple machines simultaneously from a single remote station. This leads to reduced operating costs and increased productivity.
  • Enhanced operators safety: remote control enables operators to monitor and control machines from a secure and remote location. This reduces the risk of workplace accidents or injuries, ensuring a safer environment for the personnel
  • Global access: thanks to remote connectivity, machine control can be performed from anywhere, allowing operators to supervise and manage the equipment remotely. This means that quick and timely interventions can be made even when the operator is not physically present at the facility.
  • Improvement in preventive maintenance: remote control enables constant monitoring of machines, allowing operators to detect and resolve issues before costly breakdowns occur. This helps reduce unexpected downtime and enables more efficient planning of maintenance activities.



“The machine is connected via WiFi, using an internal card…”

“We take control of the machine and move the selectors remotely: with a click, for example, we start the vacuum pump…”

“We can remotely set the machine’s data…”

“…and we can monitor the variables of the plant”

“The operator can also decide which alarms to send using the GMS…”

“…we also have hoses control, so if there is any problem during the treatment, it is detected and sent”