Experience since 1970 in the design and the construction of vacuum systems for the Automotive sector.

The automotive sector plants produced by BRIZIO BASI use multiple technologies, for: fluid treatment (brake systems, engine, etc.), vacuum circuits’ filling (both with liquids and with gas, eg HFO-1234YF), the charging and purging of fuel, etc.
Each system is designed by the engineers of BRIZIO BASI according to customer needs, and is entirely made in our factory.


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Our technologies for the Automotive sector

Oil treatment plants (hydraulic, braking systems, engine, etc.)

IDFF-S Centralized fluid treatment plant, it allows to vacuum brake fluid, coolant, oils, fuels etc. and to send them to the production lines. All parts in contact with fluids are made of stainless steel. The vacuum pumps in case of brake fluid treatment, are lubricated with the DOT4 fluid. The circulation pumps are made with magnetic drive coupling and have sealed seals, for greater reliability, durability and less chance of pollution of the brake fluid. Tank capacity up on customer request. 2 micron filtration degree, others on request. Automatic pump oil change system. PLC process control. PC touch screen with ethernet socket.

Vacuum degassing and filling fluid braking system with ABS


The BRIZIO BASI systems mod. IDCF vacuum degasses the brake fluid purifying it mainly from gas and moisture, perform a leakage test, than suck by the vacuum the liquid into the brake circuits installed on the vehicles, or on the bench, to be subsequently mounted on vehicles, mainly motorcycles or bicycles.


The BRIZIO BASI systems mod. IDCF, degas the brake fluid under vacuum purifying it mainly from gas and humidity,
they perform a test to detect any leaks, after which they place it in the manual or automatic bench brake circuits,
to be subsequently mounted on the vehicles, usually motorcycles or bicycles.

Mixing, vacuum and refrigerant charge systems

The BRIZIO BASI systems mod. IEF mix the cooling liquid, if not already pre-mixed, then they perform a pressure test to identify any leakage, than the fluid is sucked through the vacuum into the circuit installed on the vehicles.

Oil impregnation plants, automatic loading

In the automotive sector various types of gears lubricated “for life” are used in transmission or mechanical movements such as electric actuators (window lifts, seat guides, mirrors, etc.).
These mechanical components are made of sintered steel, the finished component is impregnated under vacuum with special lubricants (pre-treated by the machine) through specific autoclaves that work in a continuous cycle like the one shown.

Impregnation systems with lubricating oil, round autoclave with manual load

This type of plant is very common in the automotive sector, especially in the “CUSTOM MADE” gears’ construction.

Manual loading sintered materials’ impregnation plants

This type of impregnation is very common in the automotive sector especially in the seat guides or in all these gear guide systems obtained from the printing of sintered materials which are then lubricated “for life” by vacuum impregnation.