BRIZIO BASI has for decades the technology to respond in a timely manner to the growing market demands for sophisticated sealing controls, using helium as a tracer gas, in strategic sectors such as refrigeration, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, where the quality requirements of the product are more and more thrusts.
We create helium leak testing machines according to the needs of our customers.

We operate in the following macro sectors:
Electric with leak detection systems for medium to high voltage circuit breakers,

Automotive Tubes Air Conditioning LPG Tanks Gasoline LPG Fuel Rail Capacitors Gas and Methane Refrigeration Pressure Regulators and Air Conditioning Air Valves Refrigeration Systems Condensers Evaporators Electrovalves Refrigeration Filters Ice Makers Packaging , Medical Blister Food Containers Blood Filters Various Syringes Extinguishers Insulators.

Application sectors