Brizio Basi has been a precursor of the lyophilization process since 1960. Freeze-drying is a process that is used to obtain a solid product that is stable over time starting from easily degradable substances. The result is a product of immediate solubilization of the solid in the solvent in this way it is also possible to obtain a sterile product to be reconstituted (it can replace the preparation and distribution process of sterile powders for injectable use). The phases usually used are:

  • dissolution or suspension with sterilizing filtration;
  • possible distribution in containers;
  • lyophilization properly called freezing the solution;
  • sublimation of ice with removal of steam;
  • closure and sealing of the containers, alternatively harvesting, grinding and subdivision of the product like bulk

Brizio Basi’s experience in lyophilization allows the implementation of this process in several industries and with specific functionalites. Lyophilization, for example, is the only technological process authorized by MiBACT (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) for the drying of archival and library heritages. It is a dessication process by which a soacked support, generally because of water, is preventively freezing and then being subjected to high-vacuum application; in this way, the liquid immediately switch from solid phase to the gaseous one, through sublimation. Brizio Basi is leader in this technology.

1956 Scientific Magazine: Brizio Basi already 65 years ago was a forerunner in lyophilization

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