Brizio Basi has implemented for NIDEC ASI site in Monfalcone (Italy) one of the biggest ever made in Europe impregnation plant for electric motors with insulating resin, come into operation in 2023.
The VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) plant has a 5 meters internal usable diameter for a 6 meters effective depth and can impregnate electric stators and rotors with weights up to 80 Tons.

Additional features highlight the relevance of the project:

  • the autoclave resists at a 6 Bar working pressure and has an internal volume of 118thousands litres.
  • the machine has a vacuum group by 5000 m3/h and reaches a final vacuum of 0,05 mbar.
  • the plant is equipped with two 55thousands litres tanks for the resini, thermically controlled and full of stirrers and recycling pumps, and two 25thousands litres tanks for compressed air.

The entire system is fully automated, computerized and Industry 4.0 regulation compliant; moreover the machine has been equipped with an internal high-definition camera to online monitor the cycle and the stator capability measuring system, for the whole duration of the impregnation.

This realization is the climax of a project begun since many years with NIDEC ASI, involving once again Brizio Basi as a leading role in vacuum impregnation technologies field.